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My boyfriend did this to himself. I was faithful I might not have been ready mentally but I was. But every day getting accused having fights like I was really cheating. So then I started going back to the olde and started secretly flirting with guys. But knowing I could never meet up with a guy without getting caught because your a stalker and never even tried to trust me. So I went back to likening girls. threw out all of looking for some one to cheat with I still haven’t I procrastinated. But yet I was still getting accused so one fight pushed. I called my ex girl friend and The most I did Was make out and dry hump. I didn’t enjoy it so I forgot about cheating. After that j have some guilt. But yet your still accusing so my friend moves down the street from us and something he doesn’t know is her and I had a crush on each other back in the day. She’s married her and I start hanging out. And she tells me her spark is still there for me as I was feeling this everytime we would hang out. We tell each other how we will hook up behind every ones back. Here I am today having an affair with a woman. But I feel so guilty but I’ve been pushed to be so hurt I get pay back. I thought I’d have the last laugh. But really I’m just hurting four people. im a monster

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