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I literally hate her. Her verbal abuse and depression has me so depressed myself that I’ve contemplated killing myself. She pressures me to be perfect. I’ve developed eating disorders, OCD, bipolar disorder, and I’m afraid of things that I’ve never been afraid of before. I wrote about her abuse and my plot to kill myself in a diary that I accidentally left at school. A student found it, turned it into our school guidance counselor, and contacted my mom about the seriousness of its contents. She threatened to call child services, but my mom persuaded her not to and informed her that I was just a “very dramatic teenager” and that “we have a great relationship”.
The irony is that she accuses me of ruining her life. She told me she hated me a few years ago. I was fifteen. Who tells their fifteen-year-old daughter that they hate them?

She’s killing me. I can’t hold on much longer.

One thought on “I hate my mom

  1. theresa says:

    same here, there is so much things goign on in my life and i never get bullied at school as much as i get bullied at home. my mom doesnt hit me but the things she says just hurts alot. to the point where i just want to kill myslef right in front of her. she says she has three children and she isnt afraid to loose one. that im just a problem in her life. alothough my bro is juvienal she said she loves him more. she says im worthless and im just smart and nothing else that im fat and ugly and i have no boobs. and i have ahorrible presonality. everyday i go through this. i just want to stay a† shool the whole day. i just want to kill myself. the only person that everyone says “loves you” goes and straight up tell you that they hate you and wish you were never in there life and that you should go somewhere else and live like at donut house cuz of how fat you are?

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