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I want a good boyfriend so badly at this time in my life. Not because all my friends have boyfriends, because they do not. I am doing this for myself. I am sixteen years old. And I have never kissed a boy. Held hands with a boy. Been in love. Boys do not call me. Or text me. One did last week, about the homework. And nothing more happened. I feel so lonely. I want a boy just to be there for me. A boy to tell me I am beautiful and hold me at my weakest of times. I know what most of you will say, wait. Love only happens when you are older. But I want young love. The fiery passionate kind that you only get once. That first love that you never ever forget. But where is it? I am so nice to guys. Maybe a little too nice and I try to do all their needs but not one seems to be interested in me. When will one realize that I would treat them so nice and be the best girlfriend? Never? I want someone that I will wake up for. Someone who talks on the phone with me late into the night. Someone who isn’t embarrassed to be around me when he is with his friends. Is that even possible? Probably not. I need to stop getting my hopes up.

One thought on “Give Me Love

  1. Anonymous says:

    i understand what you mean and i think you are fully within your rights to feel all of this… this is just a warning if anything… when someone does come along, really make sure he is genuine and caring, not some clever a****** who knows how to get what he wants (this is coming from a guy who used to be that a******)
    good luck <3

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