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I live in an area full of Mormon people. I am not against them or their religion, in fact my very best friend is Mormon. But I have been getting a lot of hate that I am not Mormon. I am Catholic and it is very hard to attend a school where 80% of the kids are Mormon. In the past two days I have heard comments such as, “I will only marry people of my same color because it is the right thing to do.” That really offended me because I was sitting right next the kid, and I am obviously not the same color as him. Another kid said, “Mormon girls are the only attractive ones and I do not bother with the other girls.” That really hurt. Why can’t they give me a chance? Just because I am another color or religion I cannot date them or be friends with them? I feel like such an outsider. I am not against the religion at all I just wish things were more equal and people like me got a chance.

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