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Dear Aulin,
People expect things.maybe something big or something small. its normal to be expecting things from someone.but what if a person changes…?what if they decide to go back to how they want to be…shoudnt the expectations change then?
its been a month since he last spoke to me. he might not know the way i feel..but if he didnt want me in his life so bad..then i cant ask him to stay..and somewhere i feel its my fault that he left…maybe i wasnt as good as he expected me to be…so its hard to believe that i lost my best friend..
maybe i did change cuz of what happened..maybe i do want to be left alone. but people dont seem to understand that. they think i ignore i force myself to talk to people..and i dont know why i do that..maybe its because i fear loosing them..
i dont feel like talking to anyone..or telling anyone anything.not because i dont i dont trust people..its just that i know they wouldn’t understand..and thats not their fault.. sometimes people dont understand what u feel like,unless they go through the same

One thought on “Enjoying being alone -Blog 1

  1. Abrielle says:

    Not sure what I am going on about here.
    Me – 10th August 2022

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