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Friday 22nd September 2017


Doing project on obsessive compulsive disorder…need help!

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Thursday 7th September 2017


This is so odd I know I'm talented and smart but never show it at all to anyone in fact always deprecate myself. But when look at a LinkedIn profile which is not half as good as my work experience I just become so insecure. This is ridiculous. All the companies I have worked with [..more..]

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Tuesday 5th September 2017

I’m about to hurt this dude!

If somebody don't shut him up I'm gonna do it, and I'mma put every effort into it.

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Saturday 19th August 2017


The OXFAM UGANDA Kampala Senior Management Team doesn't care for staff and treats them like trash ,often the Country Director , Head of Progammes ,Logistics ,Finance and Admin Manager and the Fundraising Manager have on several occasions been sited screaming at staff, and the Human Resource Manager has witnessed this abuse , other cases of [..more..]

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