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Posted by on 2023/02/19 under Work

I have been hearing about Sasha Ellington for a long time now. I feel now I need to share my story.

Sasha Ellington is a rude and crazy person badmouthing Toni Horton, her former landlord and boss.

I really like Toni Horton and I have had excellent service from Toni Horton.

However, Toni Horton’s former employee Sasha Ellington is a rude lunatic.

Sasha Ellington is purposely trying to sabotage Toni Horton’s business and also others’ businesses and livelihoods.

Toni Horton helped Sasha Ellington with a job and a place to live, and to repay Toni Horton, Sasha Ellington lies about Toni Horton and tries to destroy her business and livelihood.

Plus, Sasha Ellington lied to Toni Horton to get that job and place to live. And Sasha Ellington lies to others to get more free stuff.

Sasha Ellington is doing this to many people that help her. Sasha Ellington is the kind of person that uses people, steals from them, then lies and then shoots them in the back.

Sasha Ellington needs to stop badmouthing people before Sasha Ellington is sued for defamation and other causes of action.

Sasha Ellington is a terrible employee, and truly an awful and mean person.

When I met Sasha Ellington, I was truly afraid, because Sasha quickly came off as a lunatic and full of putrid animosity.

Now I see that Sasha Ellington is stalking the singer Ani DiFranco. This doesn’t surprise me. My interactions with Sasha Ellington has only proven Sasha is mean, nasty, and nuts.

Do not help Sasha Ellington. Sasha Ellington uses people and steals from them. And then Sasha Ellington tries to cover her tracks with lies.

Sasha Ellington needs to stop lying about Toni Horton and others before Sasha gets sued for defamation. People are catching on to the lies of Sasha Ellington!

Nasty people like Sasha Ellington need to be exposed for the nasty people they are.

4 thoughts on “Sasha Ellington is a rude and crazy person badmouthing Toni Horton, her former landlord and boss.

  1. Sasha Ellington is Nuts says:

    Sasha Ellington is Nuts! Sasha Ellington needs to stop stalking Ani DiFranco.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Did Sasha Ellington smoke all your weed and eat all your food, too?

    And then stole from you?

    Seems to be a pattern of Sasha Ellington. Smoke, eat, steal.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lesson learned… do a deep background check on Sasha Ellington. Check her lies.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sasha Ellington definitely displays “I’m better than everyone else” mentality and extreme racism. She hates black people and she hates white people. She hates “other” people.

    I think Sasha uses it to think she deserves and is allowed to steal from and lie about other people.

    Even Mexicans like Sasha Ellington are racists, too. Sasha’s mother is an illegal immigrant, and they use and hate the people in America that gave them a helping hand.

    It is so sad that Sasha hates the exact people who helped her. Sasha just uses people.

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