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Posted by on 2021/07/13 under Work

The job is definitely fking tough!!! But if I learn to take it easy i will be able to do it for a few years while waiting for opportunities to move to other roles/companies. All i need is patience.

I will surely be better at this s*** and get s*** done faster. It’s true that i do end work at 630 and occasionally work on 1-2 emails at night (which i have stopped wtf because customers will think i work 24/7). Yes it shucks many many times of the day but it’s definitely not the end of the world.

Yes yes it’s much tougher than my previous job but it’s less boring and i have nice colleagues and perks that i enjoy. Though the work in my old job was relaxing there were a of headache still and the work was fake relaxing the workload was really quite crazy i worked on weekends and nights though there is flexibility:( my role before that role was slightly better in terms of workload for some months of the year but i lost it to someone more suitable wtff damn angry about it. I went on maternity leave and came back without a job wtf because the temp staff became permanent staff and I suddenly have to manage other things sucks!!!

It was a horrible horrible time!!!!

So yeah i had to say i was lucky i could slack quite a lot in my previous job due to luck. It did help me but it had came to a point where it is not sustainable anymore i felt like i was redundant and have to take on so many fking reports and admin stuff ;( which i hate ok.

And not to mention the salary yikes!!!! And no way for my salary to increase much more unless I take on more work or another client la which I don’t want to.

I need money basically. This job gives me money. Yes i do want to change roles but I definitely don’t want to start like a fresh grad again nopez

My focus now is not the career my PRIORITY for this year 2021 is trading skills. Only after I accomplish this goal then i will be able to move forward with my plan for the next 10 years.

So yeah, all other things aside, i willl stop the pm course though it seems damn good it’s full of lies lol. Oh yeah of course i do want to become a pm someday and i like the slills a lot but it’s a far-fetched future if im not willing to work for smes.

I will continue with my tech course but slowly la. No need to rush there won’t be any opening that requires those roles anytkme soon lol and though I’m sure the knowledge helps I don’t see any immediate opportunities with “basic” knowledge at all. In the long term sure thing, especially if i keep learning and advance to the intermediate level. However that is for long term.

For THIS YEAR re-focus on trading skills!!

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