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Posted by on 2020/06/28 under Work

The zipper on the front of my sports bra busted. I could get if fix without showing my little boobs so I walked back to my car to fix it. People were looking at me like I had to pooh because I was walking fast and looking uncomfortable. But in actuality I just didn't want one of my little boobs to pop out. The problem got fixed.

7 thoughts on “My luck

  1. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t get it fixed- I need to proofread

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why are you so wrapped up in telling the world about your boobs falling out of a cheap or over priced Bra? The whole world knows females have boobies of different sizes and really? No one cares!
    Yeah, people may check you out and give you your much needed momentary ego boost of boob infatuation or desirability until the next person passes by 2 seconds later as the next refill. But like I said, no one really cares Im sure. You seen one you seen them all, even on guys.

    Now maybe if they were leaking some exotic and rare wine, only then you might have some rare novelty boob related topic to talk about and share with the world.

    If you acted like you had too poop walking so fast, Yeah I get that and maybe they were just hoping you along in good wishes as no one wants to see that either, or just didnt want to get hit with the over spray when you erupted. LOL

  3. Anonymous says:

    The world doesn’t know me or read this. Lol! I don’t need my ego feed by other people, I already know I look good. If you didn’t like it, then don’t read it. It was something that happened and was comical.

    Nobody care what type of s*** wine you’re into.

    You’re f***ing lame and not funny!

  4. Anonymous says:

    calm down.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Don’t insult me and then tell me to calm down

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh! Come on now Hon! I’m “Comical” too! Just like you thought your post was… when it wasnt!

    Oh! I know how I can prove I am just as comical!!!!!

    The zipper on the front of my pants busted. I could get if fix without showing my C0ck so I walked back to my car to fix it. People were looking at me like I had to pooh because I was walking fast and looking uncomfortable (while holding my crotch). But in actuality I just didn’t want my Junk to fall out. The problem got fixed.

    Whew! Sooooooo glad!!!!



    I really don’t think I said I was into drinking any type of wine hun! I am more the mans man typ guy and like beer and liqors. But if my Grapes produced such luscious nectar’s, I would hope it to be a Moscota (not too sweet and not too dry). Quite savory actually, JUST LIKE MEEEEEeeeeeee!
    So much so even you would be helplessly sucking me dry and begging for more! Obvious because your self centered attitude sucks!

    But in all honesty, I actually thought the exotic wine comment to be much more funny than your tale of the days self centered drama. But to heighten the graphic you had to mention something about your bony lower region as well. Its OKay, all women do that as to gain the invesion or eye focus attention. AKA = Superficial and Self absorbed ego starvation!

    (Guys know the female magic trick and illusion act manipulation- did I menton my boobs and butt, my body?????? Look at my body forget the crappy attitude and self absorption, everyone is watching, its all about me!) = red flag self absorbed, ego starving, temporary bed warmer looking for an easy life and a fee meal $$$$$!

    Trust me when I tell you, if a man is interested in looking at your body, then you dont have to bring the topic up as to gain the extra attention to feed your ego. Otherwise you are telling on yourself and gagging for the attention “ego boost”. But Little A cup Boobs dont get or share the same attention as a C or D cup now do they! So sorry!

    By the way, proclaiming you are all that is also an obvious tale tell sign you are NOT!

    But I just dont think you find any comment funny like you are the authority and think you set the standards.

    Obviously, I even knew how to push your button hole (the one that did not have pooppie on it) as the mere mentioned of the ego starvation set your hot britches on fire.

    Thus now, even the ego comment became truthfully funny. I am betting your a blond to boot! Common now! Be honest if you can….without the hair dye!

    If men stopped looking such would drive women like you into a insecurity to the point they would slit their wrist just to get dog to chase them or pay them any attention. All the better for society I am sure! So keep working on the body improvement alone!

    But your vanity attitude darling? Oh my why is your little boobs (every man wants you body) self not on TV? I am betting its your easily offended for no good reason mouth and attitude that keeps you from such fame! Might want to work on those fakes as well.

    Your lashing out sounds like you need to take a pamprin and wait for your annual heat cycle to end.
    Perhaps you will get lucky and find a deserted island made of mirrors so you can admire yourself.

    So Yeah! Keep thinking you are all that!

    Oh! I almost forgot!

    Did I mention my Little Boobs, Butt and good looks????????? LOOK AT ME!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why you wearing only a bra in public? Must be Desperate for a date?

    My question is- Were there not any bathrooms or changing rooms that you could have ducked into as to make your boring story more exciting?

    Had to walk ALL THAT WAY back to your car for privacy. Oh wait! Cars have WINDOWS! Did you charge admission fees along the way?
    Went broke huh?

    By the way, I think the words you meant to type is: “couldn’t” and “it”…. as in

    I (Couldn’t) get (It) fix without showing my little boobs.

    If they are that small I doubt anyone would have noticed in the first place and you probably would not be telling such a boring story.

    Get a better and losers bra and stuff it!…. With a SHIRT!

    Come On every one! All at once-

    (((((HOW SMALL ARE THEY??????))))

    Burn marks, flea bites, swollen bee stings, pancakes, deflated empty balloons, speed bumps in the middle of the dessert, pencil erasers sitting on on a floor,……………?

    We need more information Miss All So Desirable!

    Hey! wanna hear a little joke so funny you will laugh so hard your boobs will fall out and off?

    Oops, you must have already heard the joke!

    OMG! My breast are gone! Oh wait…. I’m a guy!

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