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Wednesday 15th August 2012

Not Good Enough

Have You Ever Felt That Feeling When Your Sad, But Dont Know Why. You Suddenly Lose Faith. But You Have Nothing You Know You Can Be Sad About. You Just Give Up. Not On Something You Try To Be. Just Anything. Like Happiness. You Dont Know You Lose It Until You Feel Depression. But You [..more..]

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Monday 7th May 2012


why? why are you changing? you used to be so nice, innocent, and pure. now youre trying to change yourself to be someone like me. im not perfect, should i be happy that you want to be like me? some people would say yes, but i say no! i have tried to harm myself, im [..more..]

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Sunday 4th December 2011



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Thursday 23rd June 2011

It’s your favourite hobby and past time but I don’t share it. You want to go out with her to do it. It makes sense, you both like the same thing. But I hate the fact that it was going to be just you two. So you add on another girl. She doesn’t partake in [..more..]

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