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Friday 8th March 2013

Still confuse

My friend have a big 2 apt house for rent. I’m thinking very hard to get it. Is just $$ I need 3.0 to move in, my daughter is going to lend me 1.0 wow…. That’s very nice. Then us the moving process, is only me, my 2 girls19 and 22, my Grandson 1 year [..more..]

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Wednesday 6th March 2013


I’m such a loser!!!!! I’m almost 50 and I am so unsettle, broke, behind in every single bill, Tyerd of working 40 hrs a week, lossing my home and losing my Air… Afraid of making any new step or decision because they all need money, something I don’t have. Still taking care of my girls [..more..]

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