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Wednesday 16th November 2011


Oh my gosh I just want to walk down the stairs and yell at both of your for your total lack of respect. If its not one thing its another. You don’t seem to get how much the noise bothers other people in this house. I don’t want to bombarded with Christmas-crap yet. I don’t [..more..]

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Tuesday 15th November 2011


Tell me I’m terrible. Hate me. Yell at me. Make me realize that I’m a person. Flawed and awful. Please. Because I can take that. What I can’t take is people thinking I’m good and letting them down.

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Sunday 13th November 2011


I wish that I could do right. I mean, is it that hard? Whats wrong with me. . . Constantly getting suspeneded, giving people more reasons to talk about and doubt me. My mom tells me, that I’m nothing and is going to grow up living a hell of a life, and it’s sad to [..more..]

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Sunday 7th August 2011


I’m so very happy with my life….sometimes.

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