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Thursday 27th December 2012

yet i care

yeah kinda sad they took my mom to the hospital and I don’t know how I fill because my mom is more than a hand full but I deal with her because she is my mom and I love her even though she finds it hard at times to love me like a mom but [..more..]

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Saturday 22nd December 2012

hope these post are personial and privite and f*** it you can read look think about compare foucus focus and pray

yeah I can fit the tights saw some panty hoes but they are exspensive f*** counting my little lil money but yet trying to make it and help other while I am trying praying cleaning up after people drinking smoking half chilling yeah little food only ate a little lil something drank so booze going [..more..]

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Saturday 1st December 2012


am i a selfish bastard for missing you?yes i am,in a way. do you think i lie to you if im not yelling at you i care and such? you know it without me saying it anyways! i cant yell it out because i think about the whole situation but you am i asking [..more..]

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Sunday 30th September 2012

i miss you, the old you

actaully i dont! you have turned into such a bish and you nice one minute and bad the next! your just so moody and it annoys everyone! the things you do to others, if you asked the people you think are your friends what they actually think about you, well i will tell you what [..more..]

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Wednesday 22nd August 2012


All these boys say who i don’t have a gf or why not me…. am i not perfect for you?? Well I feel like I am all alone… I get boys saying wow your beautiful!!!…but none of them get the guts to talk or ask me out… one other thing is that yeah i am [..more..]

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Saturday 10th March 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings here… so yeah… my life is boring, and i dont have any true friends.

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Tuesday 28th February 2012


ive never been genuinely honest with myself, i mean yeah we all lie, but i think the person i lie mmost to is myself. i tell myself im happy. every day. i fake laughs, i fake smiles. every day i wake up and tell myself that the world is a good place, im not lonely, [..more..]

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Saturday 4th February 2012


I really like this girl but to nervous, feeling crappy, the usual symptoms, my realtionships don’t last long, then I feel crappy afterwards. She’s great to but I don’t think she likes me but Jesus Christ i feel jealose if she talks to other people e.g. other guys. Oh yeah what am I good at? [..more..]

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Thursday 28th July 2011


hes just so wonderful. i cant stop thinking about him. you know that sweet sensitive kind of guy that all girls just swoon for? yeah thats him. on the outside hes always so fun. but when its one on one, he comes out. he shows his shy serious side and i think im falling for [..more..]

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Sunday 3rd April 2011

You expect me to tell the truth? okay… Hi mum! yeah i go out every night to get high and pissed because i can’t bare being in the same room as you. I work as much as i can bare and it’s still not good enough for you. I hide my arms from you in [..more..]

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