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Tuesday 11th June 2013

the dude that’s forever stuck in the middle -.-

me and my ex agreed to be friends even though we both still have feelings for each other and she agreed and she moved on 1st she got a guy – who has the same name as i do BTW i was upset over that, going out to grab a guy who has the exact [..more..]

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Thursday 13th September 2012


Wtf is love? Really? An actual realistic definition??

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Sunday 26th August 2012


I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve this.. so much for positive thinking

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Thursday 5th July 2012

Why do you always ask for a title!!!

My parents always say ” My child you know you have to work to have a better life when you’re older.” WTF!I mean how do you know that the great job you’re telling me to get won’t festroy my life and put me to my gloomy state. That so job you’re telling me to get [..more..]

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Thursday 7th June 2012


SO I just hooked up with someone 35 years older than me. HOLY S***. He was 55. I am 19. He couldn’t get it up. OMG. WTF did I just do?! I sucked his d***. He ate me out. what am I even? What the f*** is going on in my brain? I mean why [..more..]

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Saturday 5th May 2012


Everybody is so damn unhappy, wtf is up?

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Tuesday 27th March 2012


Just hooked up with my ex last night… Now I realize why we broke up, it was horrible! oh my god wtf was I thinking…. Ughhh life you never cease to amaze me

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Staying at work. Why… Everybody home. No work at work. WTF i’m doing here =(

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Friday 28th October 2011


shallow games can go f*** themselfes!! you know what screw life. 🙂 its all a game anyway. no one gets out of this place alive. so much frikin drama, i just wanna ring all my friends by their necks and tell to shut the hell up!! im 12, look like im 17, act like im [..more..]

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Saturday 8th October 2011


I don’t understand. When we met, you were perfect. WE were perfect. Then, the minute I go on a family vacation, you cheat on me with a 13 year old girl. YOU’RE 19. What is wrong with you?! You’re not who I thought you were, but somehow you convinced me, again, that we could make [..more..]

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