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Sunday 2nd December 2012


I just want to test how difficult it is to type on an iPad keyboard. I love writing and my girlfriend is going to get me an iPad, which is cool but I said, “what about having a keyboard, so I can continue to write?” This isn’t too bad though. It’s taking me less time [..more..]

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Wednesday 8th August 2012

God is so good

I feel so silly writing this here but I have nowhere to put my feelings so I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you God, thank you for being so good to me and for blessing me so abundantly. Thank you for loving me and being just so good. You are worthy [..more..]

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Tuesday 17th July 2012


My lack of grammar is only to avoid spending too long writing this. Kate is someone i’ve known for about 7 years now, she was one of the first people that I noticed on the first day of school. I got to know her through friends within the first of our 5 years at school [..more..]

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Thursday 19th January 2012


Just found this site. Wanted to do my first writing to say thanks, thanks a lot. You’ve created a unique place here that allows us to just write whatever we want as an outlet. What a great thing…kudos to you.

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Thursday 11th August 2011


I feel like im putting too much thought into this.. i wont read what you put until im done because i dont want it to change what im writing. i still remember, freshman year, around november i think. i told you how you could have anyone you wanted. and you told me “well when you [..more..]

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