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Monday 17th December 2012


I have idea of what i could.What i hink it could be ideal..but it takes time,and luck.And if it would turn out how i wish it maybe could..If it all somehow aligns..I wouldnt need anything more..But i still dont kniw how to get it there.Its just a idea..a dream.

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Tuesday 4th September 2012

I dont know why

I have recently just felt like I have given up on me. I dont go out anywhere, even with family. I just feel overweight and just like I have step out of life. You wouldnt think it to see me cause I fix myself up enough to fake everyday. Please dont get me wrong I [..more..]

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Thursday 29th March 2012


sometimes l feel so alone, sometimes l feel so loved….if only l had the feelings of being loved all the time my feelings thoughts and wishes wouldnt be so hazed

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Sunday 11th December 2011


Ive asked. i asked God, the Universe, the supreme authority whatever you call it i aked it. Why? People. and me? why we feel so empty and dead with nothing to live for. why we search so despertaly for something that we dont know what it is. Why theres this horrible feeling in the pit [..more..]

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Wednesday 13th July 2011

you ask how you broke my heart?…

you ask how you broke my heart? i was the one who left and got a boy friend. you know i i couldnt even touch him even hold hand without feeling sick . and you f***ed that boy . that player the one who cares about no one but himself. the one who say mean [..more..]

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Sunday 27th February 2011

For four years i have known you. The first year we were friends, i got to know you and you got to know me. The second year you were like my brother. We were inseperable. At the begining of the Third year you dated my twin sister. It was a b**** to deal with. It’s [..more..]

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