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Sunday 9th December 2012

If we menaged to submit ours amongs us

Imagine if us two would be selfish all the way for once and submit our thoughts about us amongst us.If we managed that,what kind of conversation would that be..i wonder.And how much of it would it be..i wonder

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Thursday 6th December 2012

Does He Like Me?

There is this kid that I really like but his signals are mixed and I am always confused about whether he feels the same way. Today in class he leaned in really close and asked if I’d ever kissed a guy. I told him the honest truth, no. He seemed surprised. I wonder what that [..more..]

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Monday 13th February 2012


It’s almost valentine’s day..and i’m wondering what ur gonna do on that day..will you spend time with her?..or do you wanna spend it with me..sigh..i wonder what ur gonna give her..are you gonna give ME anything?..I bet you’ll be happy with her…your happy with her NOW i’m pretty sure..i’m sure you guys are gonna be [..more..]

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Wednesday 18th January 2012


Dear Amanda I miss you… 74 days left, I’m still waiting. You are nearly always on my mind. I wonder if I ever cross yours… Love, Jacob

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Saturday 12th November 2011


Sometimes I look at the world, and loneliness consumes me. I wonder: Has anyone ever felt like they were the only one in control of what they do? Has anyone ever thought that someone was controlling those you care about? It’s so odd. Everyone says that you have control over what you do. Then why [..more..]

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Tuesday 9th August 2011


I wonder,is it bad to be scared of things? I wonder that because have the time when anyone is scared of something,it’s usually of something thats not real. So when ever i watch a scary movie by myself or a friend i always say, “It’s not real,so there is notthing to be afraid of. If [..more..]

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Sunday 31st July 2011


I think of you, and miss you. I just talked to you, or you just left. I still miss you. I dont know what makes me love you the way i do. I would give up just anything to be with you, but then i know that if we did…it probraly wouldnt last long. I [..more..]

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Tuesday 5th July 2011

well I just wrote to you on facey and told you about a site where I write how and what I am feeling……This site…. I wonder if you will ask me about it….. Doubt it :'(

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Monday 4th July 2011

I wonder…. if your still alive… if your alright…

I wonder…. if your still alive… if your alright, if your breathing. To be honest I feel so numb right now. Just finished a great anime. and it had a good ending.. A wind would come and separate them, both their hearts would never be apart………… I always knew. That they’d meet in the end [..more..]

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Friday 17th December 2010

You are a whore… I’m glad I f***ed your best friend when I moved back here. I wonder if she ever told you about that. 🙂

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