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Friday 2nd November 2012

You are my peace

You are my peace. With you I know I will always lead a lively, energetic and disease free life, be it of the mind or body. You are one for whom I can submit myself. You can control the stubborn me. You can make me feel that life is beautiful till my last breath. You [..more..]

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Friday 7th September 2012


Yes, he wasn’t the best president, but I must say from the Obama commercials I’ve seen and the things I’ve read, he may be the better choice, Rommney wants to get rid of abortion completely, what if the woman was raped? Then she wouldn’t want the baby, and it would be in her best interest [..more..]

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Thursday 3rd November 2011


I tell myself everyday that im an independent woman and i dont need a man in my life for me to be happy, but everytime i see him, i melt. my heart explodes and all i want is to just be in his arms. But i dont know how he feels towards me. i want [..more..]

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Thursday 29th September 2011


I have been worried about my fertility. I am 23 with no children, but would like one in the future. Today I was researching long term effects of depoprovera as to seeing how I was one it on and off for seven years. Turns out all I did to myself was complicate the one thing [..more..]

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your not my mother you stupid woman

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