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Friday 4th January 2013

Here and now

Looking at the pictures brings back all the memories… Wish I could go back and take my chance…. I miss you.

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Saturday 25th August 2012

just a simple wish

I wish I found love

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Sunday 12th August 2012

whats on my mind

its about 2 in the morning cant sleep just thinkin about my day what took place and all the news i got you know when something happens and you cant do anything to help the situation and that feeling of helplessness just eats you alive you beat up yourself for should-have-dones and wish-I-dids its just [..more..]

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Wednesday 8th August 2012

I WISH someone would understand me. I WISH someone would just sit there and listen to all of my problems. I WISH someone would actually care about me, not just ask if i’m ok, actually fully want to listen and care when I break down and say i’m not ok. I feel like I am [..more..]

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Everyone says “Why are you sad?” And i always reply “how can you tell” then they answer “The Pain in your eyes.” the pain in my eyes? what about the pain in my heart??? My eyes only let you see my heart but you say you can tell from my eyes, i hate my eyes, [..more..]

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