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Tuesday 20th March 2012


am i in love with a guy ive known for 3 years…a guy 10 years older than me with a wife? its a weird feeling i have always had and has never gone away. things you tell me make me feel like u want to be with me too yet timing is not in my [..more..]

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Tuesday 13th March 2012


My wife and I just argued, it’s midnight, she left for her mom’s, this could well be the end, it hasn’t hit me yet and I don’t want to contemplate it because I am probably going to feel sad. Seriously kids, don’t get married, it’s a great way to go and ruin your relationships…

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Saturday 18th February 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings here…I misspelled some words in my earlier comment. When I talked of my wife she liked sex only when I laid on top of her lesbo style I guess? Any way were divorced living like friends she her cell phone me. Books , ameture painting , and tv surfing afraid to be [..more..]

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I Write your thoughts/feelings here… I divorced my wife to leave everything to our children still we live together. She on the other hand puts me down a lot and we haven’t had sex in more than 25 years. Once I asked her if I was to small to satisfy her desired she never answered. [..more..]

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Wednesday 10th August 2011


i love this guy so much and i was living with him but i guess i got scared or thought he really didnt feel like i thought he should so i left and really hurt him then 6 months later he texts me and we start to talk again i go visit him like he [..more..]

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