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Tuesday 8th May 2012


my grandmother….f***in b****….i wanna kill her….she just pretends in front of my father that she cares for me….but at tha back she is a fagggot ass b****…..she fights wid ma mom….i wanna kill her…she tells lies ’bout me 2 ma father wen he reaches home nd he believes them..he wont believe his kids but he’s [..more..]

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Sunday 6th May 2012


I feel so depressed… i m nt happy in my married life.i dnt knw where i was wrong..what i did wrong… y ths hppned in my life. i was so gud wid every1.. y i m suffering after not doing any wrong with anybody in my life…i m nt happy… i dnt like where i [..more..]

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