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Sunday 6th January 2013

Why do i feel, so easily offended?

Okay. So my sister & brother, yeah, alot of sisters/brothers/parents fight with eachother, but here are my feelings about them :L Lets start with my brother. He is only nine years old. I’m only twelve. Sometimes, because he doesnt do things right, i get angry at him and stressed. And because he plays XBOX LIVE [..more..]

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Saturday 29th December 2012


I am a chubby girl ok? A little bit big around the edges. And I was okay with that until I started high school this year. And everyone looked at me weird. And the guys make fun of me whenever I walk into class. And now… I want to starve myself. I want to cut [..more..]

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Wednesday 26th December 2012


i need some clothes and shoes like every body has been shoppinh for their selves for a long time and I had to wear what people picked out for me plus I was so fat that I could not walk that far plus I could not stand for more than a minute but I lost [..more..]

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Friday 7th December 2012

stuck in a rut

I’m not happy with who i am or the world im living in. I feel like there’s a weight on my shoulders and it cant be lifted. Ive fallen face first into a wave of depression and im the only one that can pull myself out.

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Saturday 1st December 2012

So many mixed emotions…

All I want is a little help. I understand that my fiance works and provides for our family but I feel like he should at least take out the trash when I ask him to. We have a one year old son together and I am a stay at home mom. I am also in [..more..]

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Friday 30th November 2012

Who am i supposed to be?

I’m not very good with words and i’m not good at saying or in this case typing my thoughts. But im not here to get people to read whats in my head, just to let off the weight thats always building up in my mind. Forgive my rudeness. My name is not something that i [..more..]

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I’m that girl (CLM*)

Since i was young i was te girl that didn’t care what people think. The one who love hoodies and sweat pants. Im also the girl who had the pretty friends that look better than me. But I know them since before the became themself today. But i just wondering why i didn’t change but [..more..]

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Sunday 21st October 2012

My life.

I’ve been through alot and i want to share it with everyone. Im currently a 16 year old female and i suffer from severe depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder. I’ve been an inpatient in 5 diffrent mental health hospitals in the past 3 years. I am on constant watch because of my severe [..more..]

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Saturday 20th October 2012


when you really love someone and they love you too shouldnt it be more then just a nice feeling? you should be able to hug them and not feel weird. you should be able to hold there hand and feel the weight lifted off your shoulders. why is my love life so complicated?

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Tuesday 18th September 2012


im so overwhelmed because of my body structure. im fat but most people say im thick but i feel so desperate to slim down only thing that i cant because im ill and the illness that i have makes me this size eventhough if i try to excercise i loose the weight and then i [..more..]

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