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Saturday 29th December 2012

Never stopped

It’s been almost 5 years now… I’ve moved on with my life and started somewhere else with someone else. I just never could nor can I get myself to not think about you from time to time. We were each others first love. In fact I remember the day we met, where you were sitting, [..more..]

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Thursday 27th December 2012

I’ve never forgotten how much i hurt you

You were my first real girlfriend, i was so in love with you that nothing else mattered, everyone hates a cheat and that’s especially true to the guy who did the cheating, i have never been able to live with myself since i broke your heart, i’ve sank in and out of depression, alchoholism and [..more..]

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Monday 3rd December 2012


I have so many things to express, but I can’t seem to put it in words.. Just sum up everything people talk about on this website… that’s what I feel.. I need help. I need help now. I have to get out of here… I’m trapped in a small space where no human will ever [..more..]

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Monday 26th November 2012

“…but we all wanted to grow up”

I look at all these thoughts everyone writes on this website & i have many thoughts while reading such as im not alone to wow this is very depressing . Then i think what if someone reads my thoughts and thinks ” this is depressing ” I don’t want to be the depressed girl anymore [..more..]

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Wednesday 7th November 2012

I don’t even know

This is the first time i’ve ever been to this website. But I’m one of those women who get so upset about something, and then have no one to vent to. So here it goes. I’m emotional, i get attached, i have a hard time letting go of things that are important to me. I’m [..more..]

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Sunday 4th November 2012


Just two days ago my 12 year old sister had to have a balloon cath put into one of her heart valves to try to clear up some blockage. Luckily it was successful and took the blockage from 80% down to 14%. The very next day my fiance of two years gets an eco done [..more..]

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Sunday 30th September 2012


hi my name is mckenzee iam 10 years old and i just started this website i go to a school in maryland and i just fell verry lony all the kids in my class call me water bloufo and it is juts verry sad someone write me back

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Wednesday 19th September 2012

Is it me?

Sorry i saw this website and just felt like writing at here to pour things out while listening to a song called :”carry on” by ali (korean singer) . I have went through a year and a half that i did not expect to go through, how many times i feel like giving up but [..more..]

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Sunday 10th June 2012


You aren’t around, you never were. Your word means nothing, it’s all a blur. I gave in to you, like that mean’t a thing. You will never understand the pain you bring. These nights haunt me, I could never forget, and for some messed up reason I thought you commit. To me. This world, these [..more..]

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Monday 2nd April 2012


I’ve been here a very short amount of time. I’m probably making too broad a generalization but that’s alright. There is a lot of negativity on this website, I’m not saying that’s bad but I want those who write these negative things to know. I want to make sure that this is where they leave [..more..]

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