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Monday 17th December 2012

I can save you but i can’t reach you

I hate my gf, my job, my house, my life. Blessed with the motivation but not the means i feel tormented that I have a way to change the whole world the very fabric of human life and yet i am cursed to see my dreams slip through my hands i can’t stand it

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Tuesday 11th December 2012

My life is horable!

My name is Meagan Shafer, im only 9. i used to be in public school, but now im home schooled, and i don’t have any friends, and no way of getting any. my step mother is horable, she makes me go to bed at 8:00 every night, and at 9:00 every weekend, and she wont [..more..]

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Sunday 9th December 2012

If we menaged to submit ours amongs us

Imagine if us two would be selfish all the way for once and submit our thoughts about us amongst us.If we managed that,what kind of conversation would that be..i wonder.And how much of it would it be..i wonder

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From T

Raul, I miss you so much… I miss your hugs… The way you piss me off… I miss yoooou…. I miss you and I just can`t tell u this…

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Saturday 8th December 2012

just so you know

I hope you know that i will always care for you.It’s the way you are,and the way i am when its about you.Just so you know.It will never change.Goodnight,i miss you

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Sunday 2nd December 2012

Clipped wings

Is there any way of feeling credible? Whenever I do anything in life I find it hard not to be conscious of the ridiculousness of it all. Human endeavour, political will, excelling at work or physical exertions like running or dancing. All of it peels at my raw skin, exposes something intimate which renders me [..more..]

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its funny(in a not so funny way)how technology goes up and up in such a short time,but we as persons,humanity(and some),being human in all of its meaning,stagnates,if its not worsen,over the time.

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Even though I have friends why do I feel so alone? Why do I feel like I’m being used all the time? I feel like a lot of bad thing been happening to me lately. Like I want to be happy but I don’t feel that way. I just want enjoy the people that I [..more..]

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Saturday 1st December 2012

The day i might end it.

I’ve been sooo depressed lately. I decided to kill myself. When i was 10 i was bullied to extream discomfort and cutting. I started to think “why am i still here! They obviously don’t want me here.” I started going into deep cutting and thoughts. One of my “friends” said i should kill myself. I [..more..]

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I like that

You’re weird but I like that. You dance at random moments and that makes me laugh. You smile at me when I look at you and that makes me happy. You look at me like you know what I’m thinking. You don’t make me talk and are comfortable with silences. I like our silences because [..more..]

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