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Saturday 29th December 2012


I am a chubby girl ok? A little bit big around the edges. And I was okay with that until I started high school this year. And everyone looked at me weird. And the guys make fun of me whenever I walk into class. And now… I want to starve myself. I want to cut [..more..]

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Friday 28th December 2012


This sounds so wrong. So stupid and so wrong. But last summer, I had this fling with this really hot guy. He name was Jake. I am putting down his name because I know he will never see this. Jake and I had a great time. We sat by the fire, went all the way. [..more..]

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I need advice, preferably from some one who has been there and done that.

Okay, here is my problem. I am a submissive, who not only can’t find a dom, but I’m also a minor, which doesn’t make problem number one any easier. I’m honest to god having trouble in my everyday life, I can barely get my desire to submit to go away. The other day somebody told [..more..]

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Wednesday 26th December 2012

just something… ?

i always thought when i grow up i can get an apt live on my own and have a job im proud of. do stuff with friends and have a loveable girlfriend that i can brag about to everyone i know and the people i dont know. but as i grew up it never went [..more..]

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touching hearts

merry Christmas world and all that here santa please don’t forget us here yes you are busy we respect that so take your time what can you say hope every body gets some good stuff for Christmas and get that new years kiss wow I haven’t had a kiss in years but cool i love [..more..]

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Saturday 22nd December 2012

Bits and pieces, the story of the protector

I could tell you things that would make your skin crawl, and maybe I will in telling the story of my life so far. I tend to skip things and go in a random order, I may start with something that happened ten years ago and skip to something that happened yesterday, I’m not sorry [..more..]

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Friday 21st December 2012


donta just pop on my mind b**** probely f***ed all week or got sucked once or twice since the week started now it’s the weekend and he has no job extra time to f*** stay your f***ing sucking ass away from me and don’t talk to me on the phone see donta now I see [..more..]

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men code

I want to begain f***ing again when it’s right in GOD eyes plus the heavin is behind us and the stars are signialing us together I get on this naked website like a lot because I get to talk to naked people that like their bodyparts and is willing to share with the world I [..more..]

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Thursday 20th December 2012


wEll i put it on myself obviously. ii hurt and then end up getting hurt. Thats what sucks. But i dont do it on purpose. i never do. but anyways, it happens and i dont really have a way to stop it. I hate it =_=

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Wednesday 19th December 2012


What’s wrong with me? What did I do…What did I do to make myself this way? Why? Was I born like this? Did I do something wrong? Just why? Can anyone tell me why?

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