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Tuesday 18th December 2012

lost in the clouds

well ive recently been getting in trouble lately in school i am falling two of my classes been accused of stealing and parents dissapointed there is a boy who i am trying my best to have something with him but i dont know if i will he has hurt me in the past we are [..more..]

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Friday 21st September 2012

never loved

Why does my family hate me why people try to feel sorry for me wen I tell them but I don’t want there sympathy my mom doesn’t like me she doesn’t say but she jus shows and my brothers and sister hate me they pick on me and fight me even though I’m smaller than [..more..]

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Saturday 25th August 2012


i dun knoe if she luvs me or not… 1 year younger than her…i dont knoe wat 2 say, but wen i see her i becom nervous…..shes sooom prettyyyy….omg!!!i dont knoe if she does it knoingly or is it just destined shes there where im sittin….i jusssttt love herr man…but cant telll her…..

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Sunday 22nd July 2012

So ….. this is bad .

Well see i foiught with my bff a huge fight AAS usal but she said i like someone else and bla bla and that she knows thingies ahout me and the guy SHE THINKS I LIKE s***tttttt wat shall i do /!

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Wednesday 18th July 2012

dumb boyfriend

why do ppl lie about stuff like if she the girl u cheat on me with like just say it like it was years ago im pass it just as long as u not messing with her n ya real r friend than just tell me the more u lie the less i belive u [..more..]

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Tuesday 25th October 2011


Somewhere to write, some place to think. But i have no direct ideas, i mean i dont know wat to write. Lets make it simple. The first idea that comes to my little brain compared to the whole universe. The love, the sex, the feelings, the ability to experience something new, thats wat keeps me [..more..]

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Saturday 24th September 2011


I messaged you Friday it had all been too long since I had heard from you…. I said….. So… you still talking to me or what! You said….wat…. so typical of you…. I said….Been 3 months since you last spoke. Thought I must have done something wrong or you had a girlfriend…. you said… girlfriend [..more..]

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Tuesday 9th August 2011


i hate liking sum1 to the point that u no ur being a stupid bi*ch by flirtng but no matter how many times ya tell ur self not 2 ya do it anyway!2 years later ya’d swear i’d learn by now pfttt but no not me, i clearly like feeling like sh*t everytime she sleeps [..more..]

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Sunday 22nd May 2011

life is a term il never come to understand.. i dont understand this life wats the point behind it…were always hurtin….frustration confusion and agony cant seem to stay distant to me i can never come close to the term happiness and if i did it just never lasts life is tough and were only young [..more..]

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