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Monday 4th February 2013

What she does to me.

She interrupts my sleep, keeping me awake until the wee hours only to creep into my dreams when I am adrift. she does not chase, but loves the pursuit. Makes me wait for the uncertain, strings me along only to let me see her when I demand the presence. Her kiss gives me strength to [..more..]

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Tuesday 25th December 2012

don’t read.

i just finished relgion studies .. but i’m still not proud of myself , i need more studying .. i feel so lost or empty .. i need a serious life routine makeover i’m sick of my everyday routine , but i guess i have to be thankful for the blessings lol <3 this is [..more..]

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Sunday 23rd December 2012

i just need to vent..

I dont know why but im feeling so disgusted in myself. i cry when i see myself int he mirror, i envy too many people. i have a draw full of paper that has day-to-day feelings of how i feel. im confused, i feel stupid but most importantly i feel like i dont fit in. [..more..]

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Thursday 20th December 2012

One person two lives

I’ve always been the person that everyone go to fppr advice. i’ve always been the mature one, the one with wisdom, down to earth and everything. But i just feel there are two sides to me. The one side is the person i described above and the next side is this dark depressing, not good [..more..]

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Tuesday 4th December 2012

just a thought

sometimes i feel like screaming sometimes all i wanna do is cry but he’s not worth a tear to shed i used to think that i just wasn’t good enough i used to think that i just wasn’t trying hard enough but now i know that your just not good enough.. for me.. for my [..more..]

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Monday 5th November 2012

i feel weird

i feel like there is nothing to do in life. i feel bored. it’s very strange, there is no way to describe it. i go from being happy to this in a short period of time. i sometimes feel like running something across my skin. there is no explaintion as to why i feel like [..more..]

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Saturday 13th October 2012


Ok so I am so sick and tiered of being treated like a stepping stone for other people to find love. I am so tiered of being single… cause now I am officially giving up on love…. im over it done for… hate it a waste of my time… Ugh im done now…

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Thursday 4th October 2012

Just read a facebook status….

and it said “Let’s all take a moment and realize how much time we waste in school.” Um, actually, LET’S JUST REALIZE that school is a f***ing privilege and there are many kids out there who would give anything to get out of a F***ING FACTORY or maybe, say, a BOX FOR A HOUSE and [..more..]

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Thursday 6th September 2012

2 September Happy Birthday DMF

Your birthday came and went again this year as it did last year… I sent you a message the following day so it wouldnt get “overlooked” but that was a waste of time as you didnt reply.. Guess I really wasnt expecting you to… But it would have been nice if you had even just [..more..]

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Wednesday 15th August 2012


I’ve been doing nothing for a long time. Is nothing part of life or is it a waste? Am I sitting here wasting away my life or am I doing what billions of others are doing? So many questions just about doing nothing. Imagine how many questions there are out there for us all to [..more..]

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