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Saturday 17th November 2012

I cut myself today

I got out of school, looking for her. She wasnt there, Had no way to contact her. So i took the bus, When i got home i was there for 15 minutes, and then she came she was home. My mom had walked through that door immediately, Screaming an yelling at me…..Im a f*** up……Why [..more..]

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Sunday 28th October 2012

lifes hard for me.

Yesterday my boyfriend went to a party with out me i was fine with that cause i can trust him but when i started texting him he sounded like he was giving me attitude and i got upset ans i told him well then today i woke up and texted him sorry and then i [..more..]

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Saturday 6th October 2012

Baby Bear

I met him in 7th grade he never really got my attention he was nice and chill but i didnt like him until 8th grade came. we had 7th period together and he used to blow me kisses across the class room and smile at me and wink to,i thought it was wierd and i [..more..]

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Saturday 29th September 2012

who to choose

I loved a guy named aaron. we broke up.I still had feelings for him.and still do. just two days after we brake up he asked out my BEST FRIEND!!!!! they dated for a long time i had boyfriends but deep down i knew it wasnt right.summer came i was single and aaron was still dating [..more..]

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Thursday 13th September 2012

Boyfriend trubles

Feeling down and alone… Well maybe not alone. But what would you do if you were 16 and pregnat. And a girl out of the blue messages you and tells you she slept with your boyfriend… The dad of you child and says she didnt know he was dating anyone but it was all over [..more..]

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Thursday 6th September 2012

2 September Happy Birthday DMF

Your birthday came and went again this year as it did last year… I sent you a message the following day so it wouldnt get “overlooked” but that was a waste of time as you didnt reply.. Guess I really wasnt expecting you to… But it would have been nice if you had even just [..more..]

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Thursday 9th August 2012


im stupid..ill start off with that much….ill give a lil back story to this so you can understand…i was married for three years to my first boyfriend from 14yrs old..he worked while i stayed home with our day things started to change..come to find out he was cheating on me with a i [..more..]

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Write your thoughts/feelings hereā€¦ Most of the time and right now i feel like no one cares about me see last night i had a band concert and my dad said that he wasnt going to be able to come becaue he had to work and he got home early so he could have gone [..more..]

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Saturday 14th April 2012


He wasnt there for me when I needed him. I am now lost in a sea of pain and hate. He left me for dirt and went to another. He has made my life a living hell. Why did he use me? Why did he forget everything we had for that time. He is a [..more..]

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Friday 3rd February 2012


ive been single for two years. I started to talking to a friend again after not talking or seeing her for a few years, this is the most beautiful girl in the world in my opinion. I’ve been trying my hardest to try to get to know her again without pushing her into liking me. [..more..]

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