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Saturday 15th October 2011


i really like someone, but it seems like her feelings aren’t reciprocal. there’s no effort involved…

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Thursday 6th October 2011


what the f*** are you supposed to do when you hate someone who is deceased?

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Saturday 1st October 2011


Its simple. every guy i like turns out to like someone better looking so now i dont even know why i bother anymore.

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Wednesday 14th September 2011


When people needed me I was there for them, but now when I need someone they dont think I deserve their company or they keep blaming for something or the other reason.

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Monday 5th September 2011


I feel myself lonely, without those friends with I always spent time, I left my country for a semester, and during that semester i felt like i lost all that people that i considered friends, I came back and I’m exclude of everything, I really want to have friends, I want to go out like [..more..]

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Wednesday 10th August 2011


Not sure If I should stay with him… Everyone says they want to see me with someone who makes me happy, someone who puts a smile on my face everyday. And I know deep down that it’s not you but I just can’t get rid of you. I can’t let you go. I don’t want [..more..]

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Friday 5th August 2011


What if its you….. I keep asking myself these words but I never get an answer…. What if I have lost the chance that you threw out to me….. I will never know what you had on your mind that day that you met me under the bridge…. all because I had someone else with [..more..]

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Wednesday 3rd August 2011


i can’t believe i’m still in love with him!!!!!the worst i even love him more now even after what he had done to me!!i miss him ever has been 2 years now since we broke up!i really wanna talk to him hear his voice every day i just wanna find someone else that makes [..more..]

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Saturday 30th July 2011


My fingers hesitate above the keys and my mind jumps sporadically from thought to thought. I read these posts and feel like I’m violating someone’s privacy. It’s like their sadness is a black hole, unescapable and all-encompassing.

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Tuesday 21st June 2011

I used to be a likeable girl…

I used to be a likeable girl, a girl who was full with energy, a girl that never thought about negative things, a girl that used to be.. popular. Who am I? I dont know what to do anymore, I feel worthless and lack of communication. and I realize.. I dont have a life. I [..more..]

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