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Wednesday 4th January 2012


i feel like im scared to try! scared to cry! scared to be myself! scared to miss my mum! scared to feel scared! scared to go up to secondary school! scared that i feel like im dieing inside!

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Tuesday 20th December 2011


truth is i still like you… and i tell everyone i don’t because im afraid my parents will yell at me and transfer me into another school where i won’t see you again. they’ve already said i can’t talk to you…

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Wednesday 26th October 2011


there is this guy in my school, he is supperr cute!! or shuld i sat hott!! but he is rude to people who arent “popular”.. im in the popular group…so its all good for me.. but he can be a real jerk to kids who dont have what it takes.. please help me to decide [..more..]

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Sunday 16th October 2011


I feel like my new teacher is trying has hard as she can to make me fail school and to cry she hate me so much that i just want to disappear and no one will find me. I cry myself to sleep because of her i just hate school and myself.

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Friday 14th October 2011


I have a very mean friend she is always using my goodness for her things. Today in school she betrayed the hell out of me. i was soo angry about her . and she told lies to my very best friend. And now that two b..ches were talking behind my back i wanted to kick [..more..]

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Thursday 25th August 2011


even though we never really dated, even though you never kissed me, even though I didn’t really believe in what you told me.. I miss you. so much. I miss those times we were together, I miss those times when people thought we were going out. I miss you so much Damon… Im glad I [..more..]

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Monday 23rd May 2011

im in my graffiti school im the best

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Saturday 18th December 2010

Wow. we’ve been dating for only 2 weeks now and you think i like richard. richard. really? i dont change my mind. i only like you and have only liked you. this is stupid. we barely talk. now you hate me because all of this. and he has to go tell you that i like [..more..]

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Monday 6th December 2010

i miss you so much. and i think you miss me too. like today, when we spoke and you said you were going to go to sleep and i told you i didnt want you to go and so you stayed and we talked for hours. and i know it was just a phone call [..more..]

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Thursday 18th November 2010

portugal solved it the importance is the printing press allowed b ooks and ideas to spread across europe they began exploring africa because portugal set up a trading post in west africa prince henry of portugal created a school for navagation 1487-1497=10

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