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Saturday 7th April 2012


My life isn’t bad. I have a wonderful family, amazing boyfriend. I work two jobs. I’m going back to school in the fall. But it’s like it’s great and all but I miss him every day. I don’t get to see him daily or weekly. I get to see him maybe every month. I work [..more..]

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Thursday 29th March 2012


i always have those daydreams that prevent my from thinking….i feel like i’m wasting my life daydreaming. Lately I’ve been feeling very frustrated. I don’t know which way I’ll go after high school. I’ve always been very indecisive (which is also a very big problem) and whenever i have to choose between two things it [..more..]

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Wednesday 28th March 2012


Sometimes I just think I’m better off alone with no one around sometimes I wish no one knew me or the way I am I wish I could of done things better in life I slowly see myself going to waste I’m only 17 and I feel like I’m throwing my life away I don’t [..more..]

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Wednesday 29th February 2012


I dont have many friends. Not cool, so not many friends. It sucks can’t disscuss with people during difficult concepts in school. No one to talk to about the new kid cudi albums. No one to laugh with, and smile with. Stuff like that it sucks

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Sunday 19th February 2012


I feel lonely. I love my boyfriend more than anything or anyone else in the whole world. And I know he loves me but he never shows me that he loves me. He tells me how much he loves me everyday but he never does anything to demonstrate his love. Just one gesture of love [..more..]

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Wednesday 15th February 2012


I’m tired of everything.. I’m surrounded by bunch of people but I can still feel empty inside. A lot of people ask me what’s wrong, but no one seems to care. I’m tired of faking a smile everyday. I feel pressure and everything I I do doesn’t seem enough. Family, school, friends, crushes, these things [..more..]

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iv got the perfect family but i always feel that im not in it and im left on the other side of the happy perfect family . just feel so lonely cant talk to nobody not even my parents yes i do try and speak to my friends but i know it would be the [..more..]

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Saturday 21st January 2012


The general thought is that when you go home, everything should be relaxing and nurturing as you have probably spent your whole day either in school or at work stressing about everything. What happens if the only supposed sanctuary you have has now become another unpleasant place. It’s sad, and sometimes it would just never [..more..]

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Sunday 8th January 2012


Sometimes I feel like I’m by my self , no one understands me at all and that really pisses me of ! I hate the way I look ! But people make it worse by calling me fat which is really annoying but I guess they just feel proud to say it . Yeh go [..more..]

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Wednesday 4th January 2012


I’m leaving my school this year and I think I should tell my teacher I really like him… I don’t love him, I really like him. Love comes over time, it doesn’t appear. Love is between two people. I don’t even know if her likes me, probably doesn’t but anyway… I’ll think about it 🙂

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