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Sunday 2nd September 2012

I’m scared

I’m a 22 year old, male. I’ve never had a girlfriend in my life before. I’m starting to feel scared now. I feel lonely, there’s hardly anyone I can talk to honestly. I don’t know if this is normal for a guy, but now I need a shoulder to cry on. I’m worried that something [..more..]

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Saturday 1st September 2012

I feel empty…

I am being bullied by kids in school. They say I talk gay. Everybody says ‘oh, secondary school is great, oh yeah, amazing!’ but I feel like killing myself. People say I have a writing talent but I don’t believe them. My sister is 19, pregnant and smokes and drinks alcohol every night. I feel [..more..]

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Friday 31st August 2012

getting back to normal

For once life actually seems to be getting back to normal. I know that there will probably be some more but hey, that’s life.. School so far has been amazing! I’ve made great friends and have good teachers. I can’t wait to see what all is going to happen to me throughout high school. Part [..more..]

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Sunday 12th August 2012


Ever since we started my new school it’s like my sister treat me like I’m nothing and it hurts me I don’t know what to do I try to tell them to the point where it does get physical. It like I don’t have anyone to talk to like I’m alone.

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Thursday 9th August 2012

Sick and tired

Why do I keep trying for a friend who quits trying for no reason. My friend stops talking to me and gets mad for no reason. Why do I keep trying when she only keeps walking out the door. When she’s fine it’s great. But other than that I cant handle it. She is this [..more..]

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Friday 20th July 2012

Life cant get worse .

this isnt happeing , my best friend is moving away to another school , ive beencrying all day what shuld i do she is my sis :'(

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Friday 6th July 2012

Some friend….

So my friend and i have known eachother for about two years. we met through volleyball and our relationship went upward from there. until recently. She has been in a place now where she thinks shes all that, pretty, popular, etc. She sort of is though. I’m popular in my school but you know, I [..more..]

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Thursday 14th June 2012


I’m f***ing tired of people putting s*** on me, like they don’t think i hate my own problems already? i get to see my dad who is my favorite person to be with i get to see maybe 1 week PER YEAR, i get bullied by 5 older brothers at night and all day at [..more..]

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Sunday 10th June 2012


Hey , today was my school dance which i really was so good dancing in it . wish the french section which i never talked to before . now i have a obssesed feeling of missing them soo much becuase i never knew id love them this much i reallllllllly love them and will miss [..more..]

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Saturday 9th June 2012


I feel like a total loser right now. I have no friends. Also at my school. I’m always being bossed around. I also have this bully named Matthew. I tell a teacher. But everybody thinks I’m lieing.I feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere. I’m in a circle of waves. Buried in the middle [..more..]

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