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Wednesday 12th December 2012


Why does a lot of bulls*** happen to me, I can always make other people happy but when I try to make myself happy. I’m not done trying. And every time I tried to talk to him about our relationship, its like he doesn’t care about me and the relationship. I just wished that he [..more..]

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Tuesday 11th December 2012

no Reason

I dont understand what’s so bad about hanging out with a guy? Once you start hanging out with a guy your all of a sudden the whore of the school . Um no i rather have a guy bestfriend over a girl any day and now thats what im left with. my true friends witch [..more..]

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On Cloud Nine

This guy that I have liked since the beginning of the school year finally texted me! He asked if there was any homework, kind of boring, but still. He has been talking to me a lot, and looking at me. He recently asked me out of the blue if I had ever kissed a guy. [..more..]

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Wednesday 5th December 2012

He’s here for me.

I am a christain and love God, but the people around me make it hard to be faithful to him. All my close friends go to my church, but i have some not so close friends at school. My friends at school always gossip about people and its very hard not to join in when [..more..]

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so read this please I need advice.

well. I’m a girl. and there are these girls at my school. they hate me. ALOT. I can’t do anything about it. but I started dating this boy. and all they are telling him is that I’m a slut and I’m worthless and whatever else they say |: I need help there is too much [..more..]

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Saturday 1st December 2012

Lost my Confidence

At school, i auditioned to be in the school’s rock band. I got in the semi finals then i lost. That made me never sing again! I completely don’t ever sing because i know I’m not good enough, I can’t even sing in my room, even when I’m home alone. I dont do any more [..more..]

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Friday 30th November 2012

Making decisions

Alright, I’m 14 years old and I’m a sophomore in high school. I live in America although my mother is from Australia. I have the chance to do a year abroad in Australia, which means I’d be going to a great school that offers all the arts that I want, I’d be close to family, [..more..]

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Thursday 29th November 2012

Too Early

Today is not my day. I hate waking up early and having to face all of my school issues. :/

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Wednesday 28th November 2012


I feel like I’m suffocating. I know that I shouldn’t be so focused on school, that I should live my life a little, but I’m so scared. I’m so scared of failure, of becoming someone I wouldn’t like, of doing things that would make me regret anything at all. I’m so scared of living that [..more..]

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Tuesday 27th November 2012


So I’m in school and anxiety is hitting me hard today…. I need help.. this is not good.

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