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Saturday 29th October 2011


Yesterday my bestfriend pushed me away, he told me to hate him, to leave him, to stop caring about him. He said he didn’t want me to be his friend anymore, this all killed me. Before anything, we met and something about him made me want to figure him out, he’s always been a complicated [..more..]

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Sunday 23rd October 2011


My Dearest Daniel, I know you will never read this letter but i need to write it anyway…. I met you 4 1/2 yrs ago at a party…. and ever since meeting you my world my life has been a roller coaster of good bad and ugly….. 4 1/2 yrs of driving past where your [..more..]

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Saturday 1st October 2011


I honestly don’t believe in love anymore, at least not for me. The person I fell in love with, who was my first love. The one guy who 5 years ago showed me that not all guys are the same, now show me that all guys are the same. Due to a misunderstanding in a [..more..]

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Thursday 15th September 2011


As the days pass and I dont here from you the emptiness doesn’t get any better…. Every time my phone goes off i hold my breathe and hope to god its you ringing or messaging… Who the hell am I kidding as if…. Knowing that we may never speak again to each other is the [..more..]

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Sunday 7th August 2011


Why did I trust him? We dated and his father and stepmom didn’t approve. We pretended to break up, but secretly that whole summer I went to his house and brought him to mine until time to take him home before his parents got off of work. I loved him so much. He was my [..more..]

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Friday 5th August 2011


It’s ironic on this the last day of my job of 10 years that I feel both excitement and sorrow. Excitement to be moving on to another job, but sorrow to be leaving those that I’ve become great friends with. This last week has been such a buzz – limited time to get things done, [..more..]

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Thursday 28th July 2011


Is there anyone else who feels like they waste there whole life on the computer/technology devices(computer,cell phone, tv, mp3 player , Ipod,face book) just think about how much time u spend on these things. in america most people probably spend and unbelievable amount of time on these things , when there is more important things [..more..]

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Monday 18th July 2011


My boyfriend is not here and I look at my phone constantly to see if I have a message from him. I’m always depressed because I haven’t seen him in a month and I really miss him. To add to my depression a girl who is apparently best friends with a girl I know texted [..more..]

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Wednesday 29th June 2011

I really wonder if you care at all. I’m taking my step back and watching to see if you step forward to meet me. But you aren’t. I’m caring less and less about things that used to make me angry. It should show that I don’t care as much anymore. But it only seems to [..more..]

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Tuesday 28th June 2011

Hay… They are 3 simple letters that make the magic word that i wish and hope and pray i see on my phone when it goes off….. They are the 3 simple letters that make the magic word that you send when your in town…my reply is hey … thats all it takes to make [..more..]

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