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Tuesday 27th March 2012


I’m 17 i live with my neighbors before I moved in with them I used to live with my sister right next door (apartments). Before I lived with my sister I lived with my grandparents raised literally till I was 14 my mom passed away from breast cancer when I was three I wasn’t the [..more..]

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Friday 2nd March 2012


I love you, When you talk to me I get butterflies! You say you like me yet do you? I wish you really did love me,I feel like s*** when we don’t talk and when i see your name on my phone my day is lifted again, I feel important to you, Well I did! [..more..]

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Thursday 1st March 2012


A letter to the Greene Family (My Dad side) I do not know any of my family on your side; hell I barley know you and your my dad. I saw 2 of my half sibilings like 7 years ago, I have a sister I never met she should be 7 now, and I have [..more..]

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Saturday 18th February 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings here…I misspelled some words in my earlier comment. When I talked of my wife she liked sex only when I laid on top of her lesbo style I guess? Any way were divorced living like friends she her cell phone me. Books , ameture painting , and tv surfing afraid to be [..more..]

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Tuesday 14th February 2012


I didn’t expect anything like this to happen. My first impression of you was when Ms. B told us to work together, and I felt so uncomfortable because I had no idea who you were. Honestly, I may have judged you a bit on first glance, not bad, but still. Once we got to talking [..more..]

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Thursday 9th February 2012


“Write where it hurts” It’s been so long since I enjoyed life, I can’t even recall it to tell you what it feels like to enjoy it. Whenever I am asked to recall a good memory, there is an overwhelming sense of emptiness. I have no memory that is, as they put it, happy. At [..more..]

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Sunday 8th January 2012


It was 8th grade. I was the new student and he was the annoying boy that everyone liked in some way but didn’t admit. I was shy & still stuck on these 2 boys from my church and old school. He was shy as well. I would be with this one girl, now my best [..more..]

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Saturday 31st December 2011


I have all the gadgets in the world with Smart Phone, Laptop, Ipad which are always connected to Internet, IPad …. and have a hell lot of money..but still i cant send a Text Message, or i cannot call my love nor i can visit just have sneak at her. Its the utmost disability [..more..]

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Monday 12th December 2011


Things just have gone a little crazy lately. My bestfriend and I aren’t fighting anymore so it’s a plus. The holidays are coming right up only a few more days of school left. I need a new phone but Verizon is pretty dumb. I needed somewhere just to write how I’m feeling and what I [..more..]

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Saturday 29th October 2011


Yesterday my bestfriend pushed me away, he told me to hate him, to leave him, to stop caring about him. He said he didn’t want me to be his friend anymore, this all killed me. Before anything, we met and something about him made me want to figure him out, he’s always been a complicated [..more..]

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