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Friday 15th June 2012


I have just been hanging around with my loved one all my life. And I have no other friends. Me and mike have just had a fall out and I have no friends. I’ve tried out my mum and other family on the phone but they don’t seem to bother with me any more. I [..more..]

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Tuesday 5th June 2012


So after 5 years you have stopped talking to me and this time I think it maybe for good…You have blocked me on facebook… although we were never friends on there you blocked me … It was my only way of sending you my thoughts.. cause if i message you my husband sees my phone [..more..]

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Monday 21st May 2012


I just came back home from my dance class and my little sister comes running to me saying that she got kicked in the stomach by my little brother. She looked like she was in pain so since I’m the eldest, I get my phone and call our mom to come home quick. When she [..more..]

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Thursday 17th May 2012


I slept with my friends ex-boyfriend. I told her and she told me she hated me and never wanted to be my friend agian.. that was a year and 1 week today…2 nights ago she told me she missed me. I told her I missed her to and she told me she wants to be [..more..]

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Saturday 12th May 2012


I slept with my best friends ex boyfriend, i then told her about what i had done the next day. She hated me for months, we were getting back on track until she read my phone and saw that i had texted him. however i only texted him because he is the only other person [..more..]

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Sunday 6th May 2012


I cant write ok .. then I will start in third person.. it Mr. D or let it be D == I I have messed all things up I am not going to survive in this bloody world of money and appreciations. I am hopelessly behind all of them. What should I do? I got [..more..]

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Thursday 26th April 2012


Downfall In the beginning It felt like we would never end I felt safe, disregarded the signs, I wanted to fall But after awhile I couldn’t trust you Was it my fault? The phone calls in the middle of the night? The texting from that girl? I could not trust you because I know… I [..more..]

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Friday 20th April 2012


Okay, so I had this friend. Let’s call her Amy. Amy was super sweet, and single all through 6th grade. 7th grade came, and the Amy did too. She had 4 boyfriends in just the first 2 months. She became “emo” (I don’t label) But I like her new style. But other people don’t. She [..more..]

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Tuesday 3rd April 2012


LONG BUT WORTH IT I feel like I’m very lonely. I want to have that “special someone” in my life. I’ve been with a few guys who I thought were the perfect match for me and I really thought it was going to last with them, by lasting of course I meant marriage. Unfortunately, none [..more..]

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Wednesday 28th March 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings here…I’ve been texting my boyfriend just not annoying him trying my best to keep it simple and he doesn’t tx me back so I called and his phone sends me straight to voice mail could it be that his phone is hella broken cause it was damaged its an iPhone 4 and [..more..]

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