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Tuesday 4th October 2011


i just want this year to end quickly now. i have no job and feel as though my life has come to a complete stand still. like a wall in front of it. to high to climb and to big to knock down. i have no where to turn. this makes me un happy. i [..more..]

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Sunday 2nd October 2011


I feel so stupid thinking that you actually ever loved me. I look back and ask myself what happen and what went wrong but I just can’t seem to find it. I guess you just moved on. Guess she can give you something that I can’t. As much as it hurt and pain me to [..more..]

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Thursday 22nd September 2011


i couldn’t find a place to write or to talk i can’t breath and i can’t even cry and i can’t talk to this to anyone i’m not good to talking to people and expressing my fellings like when i wanna cry i say tomorrow when i’m going to talk to my bf about this [..more..]

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Monday 19th September 2011


Life isnt getting any easier with out…Daniel why did you have to leave things like this… Why couldnt you just say goodbye instead of just leaving and ignoring the fact that yes I do exist….I know you didnt owe me anything and vice versa but after 4 years dont you think i would have been [..more..]

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Wednesday 24th August 2011


I thought at 21 years old, I’d stop feeling like a little helpless kid. Laying here with tears in my eyes because I can’t take away my mothers pain. I want to be the one thing in her life that doesn’t bring her any stress, but I can’t even do that right. I will push [..more..]

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Sunday 14th August 2011


I just…I don’t know anymore. Life is so difficult. I want to end it so bad. Who would care? Only a hand full of people, that’s who. Not really anyone would care. I’d be old news in a few days. That’s what I feel like right now. There is no purpose in life for me. [..more..]

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Thursday 11th August 2011


It started with one cut. One cut to relieve herself from the pain. One cut was all it took to escape from all the problems around her. One cut for every friend she lost. One cut for every word you scream at her. One cut for every time you made her cry alone. But that [..more..]

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Thursday 28th July 2011


Here’s me. Again. Between the edge of success and the edge of constant self-disappointment. I enter in such a commodity that I don’t want to get out of there even though it’s full of pain and disaster. I exaggerate a lot. I suffocate people and forget about them. The only thing that’s constant to me [..more..]

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Sunday 17th July 2011


i hate myself i hate everyone i want to die to please everyone but i don’t because everyone being happy would destroy me some day i want them to feel the pain that i’ve felt since day one the pain they’ve never understood because they’ve never listened

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Thursday 12th May 2011

When I move please for get me for I will most definitely forget you I will forget the pain of missing you all So I ask you to forget the pain of missing me But I ask you remember the memories Because I most definitely will not forget the memories To all my friends I [..more..]

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