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Monday 21st May 2012


I just came back home from my dance class and my little sister comes running to me saying that she got kicked in the stomach by my little brother. She looked like she was in pain so since I’m the eldest, I get my phone and call our mom to come home quick. When she [..more..]

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there is a boy i met a year ago, we easily became friends because we find comfortable to each other. He fall in love with me but i always reject him because I find him as a brother and a close friend. Suddenly one day he told me that he would go abroad for work,i [..more..]

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Sunday 13th May 2012


I live with my ex. I see him everyday and it breaks my heart. The wound is fresh and not healing properly as it doesn’t get the chance. I miss him terribly and still love him. I am just not in love with him anymore. And I like someone else, but I can’t love them [..more..]

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Thursday 26th April 2012


You know what sucks, when you’ve poured your heart out to everybody & what do you get? You get left, you get left alone by yourself. Tired, afraid & scared to ever have feelings again. But what aggravates you the most, is when one hasn’t been thru what you’ve been. Hasn’t felt the pain you’ve [..more..]

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Friday 20th April 2012


When the sun rises the rooster crows Life springs into the sunlight The ocean tide keeps it low So the birds won’t fly away in fright but sometimes the rooster forgets to yell And sunlight doesn’t always shine The ocean can be your ticket to hell And the bird’s wings are in a bind The [..more..]

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Sunday 8th April 2012


f***!!! arghh i dont swear, but i just cant help it. i love her a lot, but im just a friend in her eyes. i dont know why but just thinking of her make me feel pain literally. i just really love her. i tried to forget, feeling like this feeling is like a disease. [..more..]

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Tuesday 3rd April 2012


Love…I use to believe in Love. It’s “magic” and how amazing you felt every time you got the butterflies. Looked at the sky, gazed, dreamed on what will it be, on what could have been. Having experienced it’s full strength I can say feeling in Love is no “magic”, more like a falling that never [..more..]

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Monday 26th March 2012


I can’t believe I just did it. I broke a promise. I cut. I barely knew what I was doing until I saw the blood and felt the pain. I don’t know if it will help me, but it felt… bittersweet. Like I got what I deserved but I know people cared about me if [..more..]

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Ouch. You know what? The pain still feels better than life. I feel empty. Like when I see people completely obsess over one person. They want to either be or be with that person. Don’t they already have someone to be? And why does my life suck so much? But the pain still hurts. You [..more..]

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Monday 19th March 2012


on this very day 14 years ago my mother killed my brother. she is in jail for 30 years and i am sitting here feeling like crap bekuz of what she did…but ill never hate her i jus cant take the pain.

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