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Wednesday 5th September 2012


I know you’re mad, and I am too. But I’m not asking that we be friends, I’m only asking that you and I be allies in this life. This world so full of hate and pain, let us be allies so that when one of us feels the weak, the other can be there for [..more..]

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Sunday 26th August 2012

Home Sweet Home

Oh, Man, please, no one wanna go back to that place: dormitory. I know the dormitory is not bad, but being home is better than being in the dorm. It feels like I am an alien in a strange place where strange creatures live and call the place as the earth. Why should I woke [..more..]

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Tuesday 21st August 2012

so angry

i don’t know what’s the problem. all i need is a shoulder to cry on but i don’t know what to cry about! and i’m not a drama quin trust me! the problem is that i’ve been going through so much lately and i have this boyfriend who is really nice and caring but for [..more..]

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Tuesday 7th August 2012

life vs friends vs guys :/

my life is so f**ked up….I feel I am in love with 2 different guys I mean I love the one so much but when I talk to the other and he just leaves without a good bye I feel pain in my heart and I just turn sad :/ idk if it’s just cause [..more..]

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Wednesday 1st August 2012

A Muse…?

Why must I find everything in life so trivial now? I have become an apathetic existence that finds satisfaction through conservatism and radicals. I want to experience something other than a dull buzz resulting from an anomaly in society, which is not difficult to be exposed to. I miss the shivers that swam across my [..more..]

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Saturday 28th July 2012

game over

They say that everything has an end and I guess that my life came to this end I tried everything to be happy again but it seems like nothing is working I went to a psysologist and I moved to another city maybe I’ll move on but it seems like the pain and the remorse [..more..]

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Saturday 14th July 2012

I want it all to end

I always ask why me. I’m 16 and I just want it all to end. At fourteen I found the love of my life. At fifteen I was engaged and pregnant. I wasn’t ready for a baby but I was still excited. One night I get a phone calling telling me that my fiancĂ© had [..more..]

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Thursday 7th June 2012


i feel like im being judged by people everyone see’s me as that girl that knows everything and no i dont have glasses or anything im just a normal girl that knows things. People see me as a girl that doesnt feel pain and makes everything a joke. And im grateful to everything i have [..more..]

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Tuesday 5th June 2012


Gayan, My heart whispers your name.. thousand and thousand times.. How could you forget me like this? I’m now suffering in return, what i have done to u. I’m wordless about my pain which i was numb when you were And I still remain like before, no one comes to fill your space and i [..more..]

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Wednesday 23rd May 2012


It’s like my mind goes blank right before the pain comes. First it starts off small. Little things that remind me of him. Then they grow into more precious memories that make me miss him that much more. It was only a few days ago that I saw him. I woke last Friday to two [..more..]

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