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Saturday 20th October 2012

the addiction

Troubled frontman with pain behind his eyes and lyrics the girls cant quite understand and a drug habit that’s gonna put him in the ground before his prime passes him by leaving everyone wondering “what if?” About the music that if he had been involved in much longer would have just gone down hill. He’ll [..more..]

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When your throat starts to burn, and your heartbeat speeds up, when your stomach tightens, and your lungs close up, when your tears rush to your eyes faster than you ever dreamed possible, thats the worst pain you will ever feel. Thats your heart breaking…

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Wednesday 17th October 2012


I am going through my first breakup because my boyfriend turned out to be a jerk.Every relationship in this universe starts with a special connection.Yes i had it too but my ex, he seems to be having it with every girl he sees.Its like he is an epidemic and cannot control infecting girls.The worst probably [..more..]

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Monday 15th October 2012

Suffering the consequences

He looks at me and I look at him…the tension between us is undeniable but neither of says a word. Through out my day he is always on my mind and at night he is the only one I dream of. I find myself wondering if he is thinking of me too. I never stopped [..more..]

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Sunday 14th October 2012


i just got done watching a movie called shrink…it was about helping people get through their problems…mainly it was about this doctor and this girl who’s loved ones killed themselves….and they tryed every way possiable to forget it ever happen…in the end they got better but it never with away of what happen….everyday i wonder [..more..]

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Friday 12th October 2012

my f***ed up family!!!!

i have a very unstable family .my parents broke up when i was 6 monthes old and i have gone back and forth to my dads house and to my moms house for 12 years.i am 12 now and i dont want to do it anymore ,every other week to my moms and my dads [..more..]

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Thursday 11th October 2012

pain in the world

Pain in my heart I don’t know where it comes from Heart that cries without knowing so Why? Why? Why? I ask but no answer in this Round crazy colered place I feel empty and out of space!

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Saturday 29th September 2012


why do friends leave you in the cold? so cold enough to freeze your heart and cause you pain.. that will never know, but this i do, never lose faith in yourself and stay strong when no one seems to care.

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Sunday 23rd September 2012

On these black tiled

As i cut myself, knowing that ill bleed.  I feel some sense or relief. For This red hot blood, pulses irraticly. It rushes and pounds against the walls of my brain. Stop! Let silence consume me. Time can move forward.. I have no business there. In a bright world of stark reality and pain. As [..more..]

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Saturday 8th September 2012

I don’t know

I feel empty and sad. But I don’t know why. I find my life is tiresome and color-less, Yet find the world astounding and beautiful. I can’t see anything in my future, but I know I have skills that surpass others. I don’t want to live this life, nor this ordinary happiness, but I know [..more..]

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