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Monday 17th September 2012


I love him don’t get wrong. But his past scares me. I can forgive and forget but sometimes I remember. And I am terrified. Everything points to a repeating cycle. Drugs, more drugs, worse drugs. Getting caught, getting in some serious trouble. Taking a break, making promises. Then a slip. Drugs, more drugs, worse drugs. [..more..]

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Sunday 16th September 2012


My boyfriend is in the US Air Force and he just left for his second ‘station’ for more schooling, and I won’t get to see him until Christmas. He’s missing my birthday and he just won’t be around for a while. It may not seem that long, and yeah, we still get to talk, but [..more..]

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Saturday 15th September 2012

you said.

you said you loved me before you said you wanted to be with me you said all these things before….but were they true? I guess not because were not together and your back with your ex boyfriend! I cant stand it, why are you doing this to me? I am a true believer in everything [..more..]

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Friday 14th September 2012

im scared of myself

im scared of myself. my temper is out if control. my mind tells me to stop, but i fuel up with more rage. i have no ine to trust. my parents had a divorce and my mom blames it on me. my father isnt around anymore he moved out of the country and i wish [..more..]

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Thursday 13th September 2012

The new kid

i recently transferred to a new school.everybody knows being the new kid is hard but the people in my new school is making everything 100000000000000000x harder for me.its been only 3 months of school since it started i’m already being backstabbed :(((( its too painful,having no friends

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Tuesday 11th September 2012

The feelings inside me.

Oh yes, I’m fine. I’m happy, everything is perfect right now, except no one knows how torn I am inside.. It’s not that I’m not fine,. I’m happy, but there’s that one little part of me, where I just want to cry and runaway for ever. I just want him to be happy.

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Is it fair?

It’s not fair that I work so hard yet nobody even knows I’m here. Is it fair that people think I am just that kid. Nobodys wants to be my friend and everyone i like doesn’t like me. It’s not fair that i have never even been kissed and girls are picking and choosing there [..more..]

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Sunday 9th September 2012

What can I do?

I feel so down right now its that exact moment where you’re not your normal but worse where you think of everything that is wrong in your life and realize that everything in your life is wrong. I don’t believe in true love anymore even though I want to and would like to be my [..more..]

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What’s wrong with me?

Uni just started again and I’m feeling weird, I’m not myself I’m scared of getting depressed again and I don’t know what to do! It’s only been one week and I’m scared that It’s going to be serious again all the classic symptoms are there but its too early for this to be happening and [..more..]

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Saturday 8th September 2012

No Point

What is the point to all of this? To life? I work a job I absolutely hate, surrounded by people who all think i’m a horrible embarrassing burden and I can’t find the strength to even move anymore. I’ve lost the will to care about anything. Everything i’ve enjoyed in the past just seems so [..more..]

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