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Sunday 23rd September 2012

What’s Wrong With me?

I’m trying to figure out what the hell has gone wrong with my life… I feel like I do not have anybody to share my thoughts or anything. I’m married, my husband loves me.. But things are never the same they used to be. I too love him,but there is something wrong. I just feel [..more..]

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Low Blow

I am learning a new lesson today. I have to learn to keep my place in everything and with everyone I come into contact with. This includes my relatives. I cannot believe I let myself be so vulnerable in front of THEM. I cannot believe I let myself tear up in front of them. I [..more..]

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did you really mean it??

you say you love me, and you say you will always love me, did you really mean it? you said when you saw me it was like love at first sight, did you really mean it? you said that I was everything you ever wanted and ever needed, did you really mean it? you said [..more..]

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Saturday 22nd September 2012

my life sucks

i hate schoool so much i suck in it like this is my 3rd week of school and i havve two C’s a D and a F…i hate my life i hate school i hate everything and worst of all no one gets it

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Friday 21st September 2012


They say life is what you make it.. I’ve tried so hard to make it what i want.. But everything keeps getting worse, i don’t know where i’m going in life, and i feel alone. I just wanna escape. everyday i wanna escape from the life i have, because i have tried so many times [..more..]

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Sometimes there are no quotes to neatly sum up what has happened that day, sometimes you do everything right. exactly right, and still you feel like you failed. did it need to end that way. did something need to be done to stop it happening in the first place? Like I said, maybe some days, [..more..]

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Thursday 20th September 2012

Everything sucks


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Wednesday 19th September 2012

Abused by you.

B**** you NEED ME. That’s why you always come back. But this time stay the f*** away from me, I hate you. You make me f***ing sick, I’m literately throwing up all your bulls***. I’m f***ing inhaling all YOUR stress into my lungs. I can smell all your lies & sorry’s from your ass. It [..more..]

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To hell with everything!

F*** everything! I chose to do the right thing and it backfired! Story of my life!!! The right thing never gets me anywhere!! I’m done! No more right thing og right way! I don’t give a damn anymore!! It never ends well with me, so why not choose a wrong and more fun way?!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Monday 17th September 2012

it’s going to be okay, Life will go on.

I feel, everything will be okay.. I love you so much, but even if I try, you won’t want to be back with me anytime soon.. so I know in my heart, I have to let you go.. everyday, I realize, I can do things on my own, I don’t need anyone to do things [..more..]

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