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Tuesday 11th December 2012

no Reason

I dont understand what’s so bad about hanging out with a guy? Once you start hanging out with a guy your all of a sudden the whore of the school . Um no i rather have a guy bestfriend over a girl any day and now thats what im left with. my true friends witch [..more..]

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Sunday 9th December 2012

I Dont Know

Ugghhh i HATE drama. I tell people i don’t hate (another thing she copied from me) but this is something I HATE. I am fine with it if the drama doesn’t involve me but when it DOES… i just wanna leave this place. Ive had drama around me ever since like Kindergarten!! You may think [..more..]

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Wednesday 5th December 2012


When ever I think of someone that I like you always pop into my brain. you are truly amazing and I think that I love you. Every time you simply text me first I smile, and get super excited just because I know you were thinking of me! I love you I truly do! I [..more..]

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Monday 3rd December 2012


My life is turning out to be as the life’s in alternate reality’s.You know,those shows,movies,you call it as you want,where everything misplaced..just not right.I realize it(and it sucks in a away),and it irritates me more and more the way it is,but i don’t know how and from where to try,to get it back,to get [..more..]

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Sunday 2nd December 2012


and im not mad at no one.i know its not only my choice.but i think its not much is it?maybe im wrong,maybe it to much to ask,maybe its f***ing you up when you are with me? idk,you didnt throw stuff at me when you saw me or i to boring? or crazy? i dont [..more..]

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Saturday 1st December 2012


dont you see that i miss you? you dont miss me? tell me to f*** off then! F***!

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Lost my Confidence

At school, i auditioned to be in the school’s rock band. I got in the semi finals then i lost. That made me never sing again! I completely don’t ever sing because i know I’m not good enough, I can’t even sing in my room, even when I’m home alone. I dont do any more [..more..]

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Thursday 29th November 2012

what do i want

sometimes i wonder what exactly this life is supposed to be..i dont knw what i am doing..m just walking on..without knowing where i am supposed to be… i just feel like hell..every moment these days..:(:(seems like there’s been something i haven’t been getting and i didn’t even realise then..but now..i know..what i have ever wanted..was [..more..]

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Saturday 24th November 2012

messed up me

i really dont know whats happening to me, i just hate myself. Why do i feel jealous coz two of my best friends are going on a date?? i should be happy for them, and i am. But i am jealous, a bit jealous. I dont want to be. I feel like i will never [..more..]

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Thursday 22nd November 2012

Nothing is ever going to be ok

I was diagnosed with depression last year i stopped taking my tablets it started to get worse i went back today and im back on the meds;/ I dont want peoples attention i dont want sympothy i just want to get my feeling out somewhere and not let anyone i know, know how i really [..more..]

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