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Friday 14th October 2011


You’re really leaving in a year… off to those adventures I know you’ll have. I know some small part of you wants to stay, but I know that you really are supposed to go off somewhere like that. You’re much bigger and better than me, this college, and this tiny, depressing, trapping town that I’ll [..more..]

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Tuesday 27th September 2011


How can I get out what i really feel….me and him have these fights. Lord knows that couples have fights but you have to get passed the majority of them to have a better future relationship with that person. I have been living with my boyfriend since febuary of this year and its been a [..more..]

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Monday 26th September 2011


I feel like crap… I don’t know what to do if I should cry or not.. My family are engineers (so they are good at math) and I failed my trigo and algebra on my first year and first term in college. When I tell them, my dad didn;t want to talk to me.. i [..more..]

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Saturday 10th September 2011


my house is chaotic, it always has been, but lately its just become unbearable. im 16 and i live with my parents, my 18 year old brother, whos off at college right now, my 23 year old sister and her 2 year old son, and my 26 years old brother and his 6 years old [..more..]

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Sunday 24th July 2011


i dont know where my life is heading… this time next month i will get my results and be being starting college… if i get in. What if i dont though? how much of a dissapointment will i be to my family and to myself… I dont want to go to college because there is [..more..]

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Tuesday 19th July 2011


My life has done a complete 360. Things are changing so fast that my head is spinning. I can’t keep up with all of it. My plan is to move away. far away, actually, as far as i can get, that kind of far away. If i could handle the cold, i’dmove to antartica or [..more..]

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Friday 3rd June 2011

He’s 18, I’m 16. He’s in grade 12, Graduating, Moving away, Growing up, Going off to College in August, and has a very successful life ahead of him. I’m extremely happy for him, except… I’m in grade 10, Graduating in 2 years, Partying, Drinking, Hating school, doing what any regular 16 year old girl would [..more..]

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Sunday 29th May 2011

I can’t tell anyone. I can’t be myself. This smile is not me. I’m bitter, I’m angry and I’m f***ing hurting, every minute of every day. How will I ever get through college? What did I think I was doing when I enrolled? I’m nothing but a sex object and a punching bag, for guys [..more..]

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Saturday 22nd January 2011

I am so done with everything and people. I just want to runaway an hide. Life is so hard, never enough money, no real friends, people are mean and lie. I wish I could just pick up my family and move to some deserted island and just live their with them for the rest of [..more..]

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Wednesday 12th January 2011

I just want to get out of here! I don’t hate my life, I have an amzing mother, a wonderful brother, a hilarious boyfriend, the best friends a girl could ask for, I live a comfortable life etc. etc… but I just want to get out of here!!! I’ve been stuck here for so long [..more..]

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