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Friday 28th October 2011


why do i always feel isoated even thouh im around alot o people? why do i always have the urg to hut myself? why am i always tired? why am i nver hungry? why do i f*** everything up? why am i such a bad daugher?…

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Saturday 1st October 2011


Wow, im up so late and i just really felt like typing. What a wonderful website. Im glad that i have found something like this and i am just filling in useless information so that, i may feel good about myself. I am currently happy with my life and i think that some of you [..more..]

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Thursday 2nd June 2011

I am scared,,I don’t know what will happen..I haven’t had a close friend since 10 years ago,,no-one has stayed with me..and I try but they always think I have my own friends..and never a bf too,,i always hoped that my first bf would be my close friend too..I am also scared that once family start [..more..]

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Friday 29th April 2011

I feel like I am reading way, way, to much into this. it was just one kiss. in fact, it was barely a kiss. barely. it lasted. . . seconds. before I ended it. I feel annoyed with myself for kissing you back for those seconds. But i can’t decide whether I’m more annoyed at [..more..]

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Sunday 17th April 2011

sure we smile in public but behind close doors I love you like crazy I feel like ever since we stopped being friends we left a void of questions unanswered I love you so so much and I hope you feel the same Jesus has taught me alot and all I want is for us [..more..]

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Monday 4th April 2011

i know im alot more fortunate than most but why do i always feel like my life is so horrible…. my parents wont let me do anything they are wayyy to protective! and guys are my worst problem guy 1 is the one guy i have wanted since 6th grade (im in 9th) guy 2 [..more..]

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Monday 6th December 2010

I Hate Nostalgia. It hurts me alot.

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Thursday 28th October 2010

Some people say i’m pretty but i believe it’s bulls***, but sometimes i do feel pretty. maybe not physically but internally. i love nature and everything. nowadays people don’t realize true able to feel better they cut themselfes,hurt other people,and not think anything but themselfes.its so sad to see the world the past [..more..]

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