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Monday 5th March 2012


Me and my friend have been having some kind of rough patch. She is so f***ing pretty and im so not! You might be think yeah yeah, you’re just saying that but im not! I have a problem with my self esteem, i hate myself. I self harm because of it. I told her how [..more..]

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Saturday 3rd March 2012


i dont know why i do this again and again! i used to like someone over the net, then i found out it never works. I promised myself after, that i will stop liking every good looking person. Now after two years, i started liking someone again. And i’ve never even met him. But i [..more..]

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Wednesday 15th February 2012


its valentines n i got a small bear from the we r fiughting cause i wanted to walk around the skool wit my he got all mad n left n talked about his friends what he shood do..i think he is going to break up with me casue of us fighting alot……bt i [..more..]

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Thursday 9th February 2012


idk y but sometimes i just feel like i ask for too much o9f my mom. she works to jobs and has three kids. she tries her best. its hard being twelve sometimes i just feel like im forgotten i kno my mom loves me and i really love her to. itys just that evrytime [..more..]

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Thursday 19th January 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings here…i am 44 im a big man but im a good guy i work alot i never miss work icant seem to meet a woman who just wonts a good country boy like me im so dam lonly were are you im here dam harley riding is all i have right now [..more..]

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Friday 13th January 2012


I am 17 years old I move alot I kinda have hard time adjusting because when I do I move tri cites is where I live big possibility I am moving to Spokane I went down to vist like every I don’t know what to think my girlfriends freaking out she thinks she’s pregnant me [..more..]

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Sunday 8th January 2012


Everyone says “Why are you sad?” And i always reply “how can you tell” then they answer “The Pain in your eyes.” the pain in my eyes? what about the pain in my heart??? My eyes only let you see my heart but you say you can tell from my eyes, i hate my eyes, [..more..]

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Wednesday 21st December 2011


Ok, so I told her how i feel and she understood, I’m so relieved because even though the feelings aren’t returned I feel better now. she is such a wonderful person who actually cares even though she may not have feelings for me. The last girl I loved stoped talking to me when I told [..more..]

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Thursday 8th December 2011


how come every time i try to have fun with u i end up crying, without u realizing how i feel, or even stop for a sec to search for me , u leave me moving around searching for you. u have alot of friends that surround u , but my few friends leave me [..more..]

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Wednesday 30th November 2011


I don’t have any friends. Except for my boyfriend, and we have alot of differences in tastes :/ I guess thats why I miss my ex so much… we had so much in common, but even then it doesnt mean that would change who I am. I’m really shy. I’m bad at having conversations and [..more..]

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