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Thursday 12th July 2012

My Dad

My father the f*** up he is he got himself in the crazy house through some bogus mumbo jumbo whatever. My father would have been out of this place by now. But he f***s up… he makes his stay longer… permanent, simply through drinking rubbing alcohol… he could have killed himself. He put me through [..more..]

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Wednesday 4th July 2012

Getting over it

My first love, who I was with for 4 years, dumped me 3 months ago. She didn’t tell me why, but I know I wasn’t always the best partner, we grew apart I guess. I have asked her why and she said it wasn’t just to do with me. I’m still talking to her, regardless [..more..]

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Monday 2nd July 2012


okay so i hate the rule.. “cant date your bestfriends ex” i think its honestly retarded and needs too end, well im kinda in a sticky stitch right now. i am madly in love with my friend madison’s ex boyfriend. ive been talking to him for awhile now and i finally told him that i [..more..]

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Tuesday 5th June 2012


Im 25 years old and Ive been having this feeling of dying and I always feel sick, this huge sadness sorounds me I dont know if its because I moved to a place where i spent alot of time alone and I finally found myself and found my feelings from the past that I havent [..more..]

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Tuesday 1st May 2012


well this guy talks to me and now he doesnt anymore?;( i like him alot but he has a gf? wut should i do?

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Saturday 14th April 2012


so i may only be 17. but im in love. i miss him so much. he got sent away because his mom lied and she puts her step husband b4 her kids. she even sent away his little 12 year old sister who doesnt do anything but help her. his family tends to have alot [..more..]

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Tuesday 27th March 2012


im dating this guy who i dont know at all..we really like each other he lives in new jersey n i live in a crappy town 1000 miles away from him..i really like him n i want to be with we never get to see each other at all…so i dont know what [..more..]

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Friday 23rd March 2012


im so sad… i really dont want to let anyone know how i feel like my friends and family. Nobody at all. but i am so so sad. so this guy i loved since we was 14 we finally got our chance to be together alot of things seperate us so we finally decided to [..more..]

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Wednesday 21st March 2012


perfect somewhere i an just vent i can just let everything out cause i cant keep it in……alot of my problems started with my relation ship i have been having for months now i love him so uch but al we do is fight i wanna be able to get along and not fight….we fight [..more..]

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I hate that we fight i hate that we argue I hate that we cant talk I hate that you hate me Im sorry i cant be like you Im sorry we cant get along Im sorry we argue alot Im sorry you hate me Im sorry mom I love your smile I love you [..more..]

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