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Monday 29th October 2012

losing it

My dread is getting worse by the day. I feel like I’m watching a movie of my own life. why can’t I gain control back? –Lost.

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my life is good?

so right now i suprizingly have a good life… but it seems that everytime something good in my life happend it all comes crashing down and I refuse to lose the love of my life! im not giving up on that boy! ever! no matter what happends… i love him more then anything and idc [..more..]

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Saturday 27th October 2012

living with Dysthymia

i have dysthymia [chronic depression] and ive been living with it for at least one year now its hard but i cant do anything about it,its something i have to deal with and just because i have dysthymia,im not going to give up on life,no,i will live all my dreams and try my hardest at [..more..]

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Friday 26th October 2012


I catch him looking at me during classes or outside library. I am not even sure whether its the the look that I like you or the look that who are you? He seems like a nice kind of a guy but some of my friends don’t think that. They cannot be blamed his company [..more..]

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Wednesday 24th October 2012

I want to give up….

I want to give up. I want to just stop and do what I want. I don’t want to have so much responsibility. I don’t want to be strong. I want someone to lean on, someone to take care of everything so I don’t have too. But I have no one. No friends, no family [..more..]

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What can you do?

I’m from Washington State and moved to South Carolina. I’m married and have a kid on the way, but I miss my home so much. I wish I was still there it feels as though moving here broke a piece of my heart. People here call me names because I am not southern.I keep living [..more..]

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Tuesday 23rd October 2012

there’s a motto for ya

I hate myself and I hate my life so f*** the world and where’s the knife?

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Given Up .

Some People Thinkk What ivd done hasn’t effected Me . Well It Does . Unfortunetly . I Don’t Like to B Reminded Of Things That Happend . Coz I Already Know Its Still There . Its Like watching someone D the Dishes & Then asking Them 15 Mins Later if They Did Them Over & [..more..]

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Saturday 20th October 2012


when you really love someone and they love you too shouldnt it be more then just a nice feeling? you should be able to hug them and not feel weird. you should be able to hold there hand and feel the weight lifted off your shoulders. why is my love life so complicated?

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Thursday 18th October 2012

sister un loved

my older sister makes me feel ugly and want to end my life. i took a picture with her top but i was going to give it back and she commented it on the picture give me it back so on then the wrote on my wall saying to end your life but i didn’t [..more..]

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