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Sunday 23rd December 2012

Afraid To Live

I feel like I am dead but living. If that makes any sense at all. I am sort of just here. I exist, but do not live. And I understand that it is my choice, but I feel like I don’t know how to live. I only have a couple boring friends. And I think [..more..]

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My mum caught me lying to a guy just now, he wanted me to come with him to a birthday, hes a really nice one. I didint want her to see that. she never sees my private life.

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Saturday 22nd December 2012

I think I’m falling…

We went to school for years and weren’t exactly friends. We ran with different crowds. We never had any problems or quarrels, we just weren’t close. It’s now many years later and we are getting to know each other a little better. I feel like we have a lot in common, one being our faith, [..more..]

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I Cannot Stand Her.

My younger sister is one of the worst people alive. She is a cold, heartless b****. She is a 12 year old who acts f***ing 24 and it is a pain in my ass. I am 16, and she acts as if she is the boss of me. She treats me like scum and I [..more..]

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Friday 21st December 2012

strange feeling of me

have you ever been to a place where you feel you belong to that place. the wind, the pressure, the smell are welcoming you. they act like they have known you for years, they have known you more than you know about yourself and they act like they know what do you feel deep inside. [..more..]

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What Even Is Life?

I have so many questions unanswered. Why am I here? What is my purpose? I do not know what I want to be when I grow up. I do not know about anything at this point. My dad gets mad at me because he says I do not care about my future. But I want [..more..]

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Thursday 20th December 2012


parents arguing again.Its been a about 3 or 4 weeks since there last argument.This s*** is annoying.I’m 15, I shouldn’t be worried about this type of s***.I just wish they would stop or argue when I’m not home. I have f***ing straight A`s, don’t smoke, never drank in my life, never been pregnate,never cursed my [..more..]

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Life sucks!!

I feel like crap.

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How does happyness happen?

I’m not happy.. Even when there’s nothing wrong i feel sad, and weird and really empty. My life has always been a little complicated but at this very moment i don’t have a huge problem like i always do. Then why do i feel like this? Why can’t i feel satisfied with life?

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Wednesday 19th December 2012

I’m sorry and I’m sad

I’m sorry life is so meaningless, sorry that only a few people can really see it, and mostly, sorry that being in love is so out of style. I’m sad that hopeless romantics are as rare as diamonds, sad that it will be this tough to face life by my own, without having someone to [..more..]

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