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Tuesday 16th October 2012

True friends

Friends can be temporary or for a life time it depends on how much you give and take.

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My past is haunting me.. It’s not because my past was bad, it was good.. But it’s the people who i was with.. I had some of my best times of my life with them.. And now because of some things happened, i don’t talk to any of them.. Now it’s like that past is [..more..]

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Monday 15th October 2012


I hate my life. I know I have no right to say that, that my life could be worse. I know I have it good, but I’m tired of it. I’m tired of acting like it doesn’t matter and that I don’t care. I’m tired of school. Of having no one to sit or talk [..more..]

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life sucks

everything that i’ve worked for just ended. just like that. i feel like such a loser.

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Thursday 11th October 2012

Really need some inspiration to write.

have to finish my college essay application.Lord please help and guide me all the way through.Your presence is what helps me cope up with everything in my life.Please lead me away from any distractions I want to atleast be done with this

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Wednesday 10th October 2012

I wish I wasin’t this way

How do I be happy? Is life just built up with lies? are comforts just a lie? Do people tell you things just to make the bad things disappear for a little while. karma? Is that real? What is real anymore. I’m done.

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Tuesday 9th October 2012

everything is wrong

I keep hoping for everything to get better, but it doesn’t. When one little things goes right a thousand things go wrong and i just can’t handle it. Everytime there’s a smile on my face, i just know something is gonna go wrong and i fear that all the time. I can’t run away from [..more..]

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I hate you.

i’m sick of being perfect. i’m sick of being your agony aunt. i’m sick of your constant hatred. i am not superhuman. i can’t listen to your little innuendos anymore. so i am telling you to BUZZ OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! never come back into my life. you are not a true mate.

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Sunday 7th October 2012

where am i going?

my life is fuked up, i am a fuked up child. Ive had a scary life whre i have suffered alot of pain. I felt depressd and alone so I turned to alcohol and drugs im only 14, ive gotten high and done black mamba, and i smoke. Im failing my grades and dont know [..more..]

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So i’ve been friends with this guy for about 7 years. Some would say best friends. But, occasionally, I look at our relationship and think…what the f*** am I doing? He constantly walks all over me and makes me feel bad for the things that I do. He is a control freak and hates it [..more..]

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